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Essential Lalande-de-Pomerol

Made from the oldest vines growing in ground made up of large stones lying on top of clay, Le Plus de La Fleur de Boüard expresses the full character of the property’s old Merlot grapes which are the only variety to be used. These very old vines obviously have very low yields of 15 to 29 hectolitres per hectare.

The wine is aged for a very long time: 33 months in barrels including 18 months on fine lees. The resulting wine is smooth and elegant. It has perfect balance and lovely freshness. This lush, mouth-filling wine reveals a wide range of aromas and outstanding elegance.

Its first vintage in 2000 was scored 99/100 by Parker and was designated as the best Merlot in the world by Weinwisser in 2001. Le Plus de La Fleur de Boüard is on a par with the most high-ranking Pomerol wines because of its unique complexity. The de Boüard family has managed to develop the finest expression of this terroir, the essential Lalande-de-Pomerol.

The great accomplishment

Château La Fleur de Boüard represents the brilliant harvest that resulted from the seed planted by the de Boüard family in this vineyard in 1998. Benefitting from the inventive know-how of Hubert and Coralie de Boüard, supported by their technical director Philippe Nunes, Château La Fleur de Boüard has flourished and become the flagship of the Lalande-de-Pomerol appellation.

Blended with 80% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, the fruit from each individual plot is vinified separately using gravity alone in small truncated cone-shaped tanks. The wine is then aged in oak for 18 to 24 months in barrels, of which 75% are new.

This perfectly controlled virtuous cycle produces a supple, round, velvety Lalande-de-Pomerol with a bouquet that characteristically displays hints of red fruit and lovely aromatic persistence. This is a deep, balanced wine, crafted to be kept, which matches subtly with a Bordeaux-style entrecote steak or an exotic dish.

The emblem

The last born in the family, Le Lion de La Fleur de Boüard is made from the estate’s young vines. It has been Château La Fleur de Boüard’s second wine since 2011. It is gently fermented in the same way as the main wine in inverted truncated cone-shaped tanks before being vinified using gravity alone.

Le Lion de La Fleur de Boüard is smooth and big, and expresses intense fruit highlighted by careful ageing for 16 months, with 15% of the wine residing in new oak barrels, which imparts elegant woody notes. It is a marvellous match with braised beef, calf’s head in vinaigrette or glazed pork ribs.

The lion symbolises the de Boüard family’s commitment to cultivate this heritage and let new value emerge from it. It is the family emblem and decorates the labels on its successful wines. With cleverly applied know-how and close monitoring of the terroir, Hubert de Boüard and his children have made a wine of very great quality, which settles this precious legacy even more lastingly.

Varietals wines by Hubert de Boüard

Since the 2016 vintage, Hubert de Boüard, co-owner of Angelus, a Saint-Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classé A, and consultant oenologist, has made a varietal wine range made in Bordeaux under his own name « Hubert de Boüard – vigneron depuis 1956 ».

« We have really worked hard as winegrowers over the past three years to make our best shot at some unique wines, involving Bordeaux varieties or not. The fruit comes from our own plots or from plots carefully selected for the excellence of their terroirs, where pruning has been especially adapted. Every plot is managed with the passage of the seasons in ways that aim to protect the surrounding ecosystems, until the decision is meticulously taker to pick the grapes at the best possible level of ripeness. We are driven by this exciting work, striving to produce the limited quantity of each wine, which will guarantee its authenticity. »

This owner of a legendary estate has applied his expertise to make a series of enjoyable varietals, which will soon be extended to include a Sparkling blanc de blanc. Chardonnay, a Sauvignon, a Merlot, a Cabernet Franc, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Semillon, a Rosé and a Sparkling rosé are already proposed.

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