“Soil life is at the heart of our concerns, and distinguishes a good from a great terroir.”

of the vineyard

Blossoming of the vineyard

Every flower draws its strength from the earth that nourishes its roots. The great diversity of the vineyard’s soils gives this terroir a generous nature that is favourable for the estate’s mix of grape varieties, mostly Merlot, which are vinified plot by plot to refine their balance. Here there are gravel and clay subsoils. A high-quality soil, with an ideal composition for the vine. Hubert de Boüard, supported by his Technical Director Bryan Dessaint, employs all his know-how to ensure that this early-blossoming flower becomes a vibrant, fleshy fruit.

Through the continuous training of his teams, Hubert de Boüard, heir to the great founders of French oenology, passes on viticultural practices that combine tradition and modernity, but are always based on respect for the living world.

Agricultural practices

The winegrower is the leading defender of his vineyard. This natural, reasoned defence (the estate is classified High Environmental Value HVE 3) means that the teams care for the vineyard as if it were a garden. Environmentally friendly agro-ecological practices are reflected in the cultivation of the soil, avoiding the use of chemical herbicides. A healthy soil is a living soil and contains an abundance of small animals, phytophages and necrophages. This is why we choose to sow the rows of vines at La Fleur de Boüard with red fescue and green fertiliser (forage radish, common vetch).


The seedlings compete with the vine, forcing it to seek resources further down in the soil, and also forcing it to structure its root system deeper, to draw water and the nutrients it contains. The moderate production density contributes to maintaining active life both in the earth, with all its riches, and on the surface, with many species of birds or bats that help to keep down pests.

This rich and fragile ecosystem gives birth to healthy fruit, which delivers expressive wines.

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