Extracting the quintessence of the terroir


The cellar at Château La Fleur de Boüard, unique in the world, allows the best expression of this Lalande-de-Pomerol terroir to be extracted using a revolutionary process.

chais cuves chateau fleur de bouard

La méthode

The unprecedented innovation of inverted and suspended truncated-cone tanks means that the berries and juices do not have to be pumped over. Once the grapes are sorted, they are taken to the tanks using a gravity system and all wine transfers are done using a lift, the first of its kind on the Right Bank.


The grapes from each plot are then vinified vat by vat, allowing for a fine level of blending and control of the wine’s development in barrel. These innovations allow many other processes in the pursuit of excellence: a cold room to preserve and chill the grapes, the latest generation of densimetric sorter, inerting the tanks.


The extra insulation of the cellars with the temperature maintained at 14°C preserves the fruit aromas and avoids microbiological risks. A nitrogen generator is used for de-oxygenation of the wines so as to limit the dose of SO2 while avoiding oxidation.

The development method is based on innovative know-how and the rigor of a dual technical and scientific approach.

chais pomerol

Through cutting-edge technology, Fleur de Boüard has succeeded in its challenge: to extract the quintessence of this terroir and derive new wealth from a heritage.

It took almost twelve years of restructuring the vineyard to turn an intuitive vision into a highly reputed business.

State-of-the-art technology

Cutting-edge gravity-feed cellar

The surprising cellar is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the instinct and ambition of Hubert de Boüard and the aesthetic vision of architect Arnaud Boulain, who was responsible for the cellars at Château Angélus.


The new facilities, which combine the transparency of glass with the nobility of wood, embody this daring approach, in which nature is welcome and the quality of the work is remarkable.


The building, seamlessly integrated into the landscape of the estate, contains 28 inverted truncated cone-shaped tanks, which seem to float in the air and make ingenious use of gravity.

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